Reducing Fleet Emissions

Learn how to decrease your fleet fuel consumption

Average savings of $43,000 per month on a monthly fuel bill of $500,000 are possible in most fleets


This 2-day (face-to-face) or 4-evening (online) course will teach you strategies for reducing your fleet fuel consumption. The aim is to help you get ahead of industry benchmarks and save your business substantial costs.

Course Program

Face to Face Classroom mode length: 2 Days,
Online mode length: 4 x weekly evening sessions of 1.5 hours

The course is specifically designed to show you the range of opportunities available to reduce fleet emissions including a specific focus on driving options, the differing characteristics of vehicles and the effect that vehicles emissions have both on the environment and human health.


These types of courses have been shown to impact driver behaviour with follow-up surveys showing that a year and a half following course completion, 89 per cent of drivers still follow the fuel efficiency practices taught during the course.
Improvements in fuel efficiency can range from 0.5 per cent to 30 per cent, with an average improvement of 8.6 per cent.

Specific topics covered

  • A technical foundation of reducing emissions – With a focus on heavy vehicles but also including smaller fleet vehicles
  • Vehicle options – Calculate the impact of drag and how much external air cleaners and bullbars could be costing you
  • Vehicle maintenance – Make the most of what you have, running right is running for less
  • Driver behaviour – Engaging teams for on-going results
  • Emerging technologies – How best to stay across future developments
  • Purchasing criteria – How to make smart purchases when it’s time to upgrade

Course fees

$654 +GST for the Online Course, and $895 + GST for the Face to Face course.
Participants wishing to gain a Statement of Attainment for this course will need to complete a series of workbooks and undertake formal assessment.  Students will have 30 days from completing their class attendance component of the course to commence their assessment for a Statement of Attainment.

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