Have you experienced ‘bill shock’ when opening your recent electricity bills? Do you want to learn how to reduce your home’s energy consumption and get the most out of the electricity you buy?

Come along to the Home Energy Efficiency workshop and learn how to:

  • Identify energy hotspots in your home
  • Calculate pay back time on energy efficiency opportunities
  • Use a power meter if you want to get ‘real technical’
  • Compare options to make a big difference to your energy bill
  • Come away with an action list of simple yet effective things you can do right now to prevent electricity ‘bill shock’.

Face-to-face workshop cost is $125
If you book as a couple the cost is only $100 each.

Alternatively you can register for the online version of the workshop where you watch a live feed from the classroom and take part for $89.50

Call us on +61 2 8002 7793 or email us on to enquire about our latest schedule of workshops, or to request one for your group or organisation.