Glenn Davidson, Director of Coaching & Enterprise Collaboration, has a long history of professional development facilitation, group training and consultancy to the education, business and community sector.

This role at CTI entails the development of face to face and eLearning courseware, resources and learning strategies. The role also has Glenn instrumental in the development facilitation techniques and content knowledge extension along with identification of new service and program delivery opportunities, especially in the international market. A developing role for Glenn lies in the instructional design of Carbon Management courses for mLearning and MOOC application.

In the completion stage of a doctoral thesis examining Adult Learning engagement and its application to the rapid acquisition of skills and knowledge for a Low Carbon transition, Glenn is well versed in contemporary learning theory for adults. This theoretical and academic background has been instrumental in synergising quality learning outcomes via its integration with a well established practical teaching experience.

He is currently a panelist on the Education Advisory Panel of the Carbon Markets Institute and Communities of Practice advisor with the Carbon Managers Institute of Australia and New Zealand. Glenn also serves as a Head Reviewer of international courseware for Epprobate Quality eLearning Label.