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Opportunities for Cogeneration

AUD $1,045.00 (Includes GST)

Over 2 days (face-to-face) or 4 sessions (online), you will:

  • Acquire core fundamental knowledge on combined heat and power systems.
  • Understand the technical knowledge behind how cogeneration plants work, from the intricacies of gas turbines to the specifics of power plants.
  • Explore the efficiency benefits of using cogeneration in the energy industry and its significant role in power generation.
  • Dive into the cogeneration fundamentals, providing the foundation and core knowledge needed to kick start a professional career in the utility industry.
  • Engage with industry leaders through our comprehensive video sessions, ensuring you have the technical and foundational skills necessary for a fulfilling journey in the energy sector.
  • Examine other cogeneration applications and their role in enhancing energy efficiency and heat generation.

This course is run on demand. Please register your interest

*We can run this course inhouse for your organisation. This allows customisation of content and open discussion of internal issues.

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Amidst escalating energy costs, the utility industry is searching for innovative solutions. Cogeneration technology stands out, offering both energy efficiency and the promise of significant cost savings. This concise training module, one of the twelve units from the esteemed Strategic Carbon Management course, offers a deep dive into cogeneration and trigeneration systems' practical applications. By mastering the strategies to implement these systems, you'll be poised to present a compelling business case for their adoption within your organisation.

In today's energy industry, the need for combined heat and power (CHP) solutions is more pressing than ever. With energy costs on the rise, cogeneration emerges as a phenomenal career choice and an essential strategy for organisations aiming to navigate the mounting pressures of energy price hikes. This course, offered both face-to-face and online, provides the foundation knowledge required to delve deep into the world of cogeneration.

Our comprehensive video course is specifically designed to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge of how cogeneration plants work. From the intricate engineering considerations in the design process to the ins and outs of power generation using a single fuel source, we've got it all covered.

Course Highlights

  • In-depth Understanding: Gain core fundamental knowledge of the combined heat and power systems, understanding the nuances of how cogeneration plants work.
  • Strategic Integration: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate cogeneration and trigeneration systems into your workplace.
  • Business Strategy: Equip yourself with the skills to construct compelling business cases, advocating for cogeneration initiatives that drive significant value to your organisation.
  • Industry Insights: Engage with industry leaders, gaining technical knowledge and insight that can shape the energy strategies of tomorrow.

Why Choose This Course?

Upon successful completion, participants will:

  • Possess the core fundamental knowledge to understand and evaluate cogeneration applications relevant to their organisation.
  • Have a robust understanding of energy efficiency practices, combined heat systems, and how cogeneration plants work.
  • Be well-prepared to explore further courses and specialisations, advancing their professional career in the utility and power generation sectors.

Course Cost

Total Cogeneration Course Cost: AUD $950 + GST for online delivery.

Enlightening Journey

Join Us on This Enlightening Journey

If you're interested in working in the energy sector or wish to bolster your professional skills, this is an important point in your career path. With the backing of the American Institute and a curriculum crafted by industry leaders, our course ensures you embark on a fulfilling journey in the energy industry.

On-demand sessions are available. For those keen on a more tailored experience, we can run this course in-house for your organisation, ensuring a customised content that encourages open discussion of internal issues.

Register Your Interest

Are you ready to acquire the core knowledge that sets you apart in the energy efficiency world? To kick-start your phenomenal career in cogeneration or simply elevate your existing skills, register your interest now.

For customised in-house courses and other details, please contact:

Note: This course is one of the 12 units that form the Strategic Carbon Management course.

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