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Carbon Offset Course

AUD $950.00 (+ GST)

Learn how to source, evaluate and purchase carbon offsets in this applied nationally accredited course. What is a carbon offset? What is the right offset for your business? What is the difference between a carbon offset priced at $4 and another priced at $25? What’s the difference between a VER offset and a CER offset? All these questions need clear answers.

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Your carbon offset purchasing strategy should be fully considered, assessed and linked to a range of strategic drivers and targeted organisational objectives. The consequences of a carbon offsets purchase can have ramifications for the entire business. It should be a fully informed process for managing risks and aligning outcomes.

Why you should take this course

Developing a thorough understanding of carbon offsets is daunting and time consuming. It’s not only complicated to the inexperienced, there are risks associated ranging from misinformation to dealing with unreliable and untrustworthy suppliers.
Purchasing carbon offsets can also be linked to strategic consequences that require careful consideration. Beyond the financial risks, purchasing the wrong offsets could have adverse implications on a company’s brand and reputation.

As the compliance market in Australia comes into operation, there are new rules, guidelines and compliance obligations that must be supported and addressed – much of which is still being bedded down by authorities and regulators and needs to be thoroughly understood.

This course is designed for organisations interested in exploring the option of purchasing carbon offsets to reduce their emissions and / or becoming carbon neutral. By the end of this course, you will have a well-developed understanding of carbon offsetting that will allow you to make sound decisions to achieve your organisational objectives.

carbon offsets

What you will learn

  • What offsets represent
  • How offsets work within a market based response to climate change
  • Who the carbon players are
  • The various project types of carbon offsets
  • Carbon standards
  • Methodologies
  • Carbon offset project development cycle
  • Trading in carbon offsets
  • Distinguishing between carbon offsets
  • Pricing offsets
  • How to select offsets
  • How to source offsets
Carbon offset project development cycle

Course program

Face to Face Classroom mode length: 2 Days,
Online mode length: 4 x weekly instructor lead sessions of 1.5 hours

Part 1 – Market based responses to Climate Change

  • Climate science and the carbon cycle
  • What is a carbon offset? Concept of tradable instrument
  • Climate Solutions Fund
  • The Clean Development Mechanism
  • Who are the carbon players?
  • The role of carbon credit in compliance markets
  • Voluntary carbon standards
  • The role of carbon standards in a voluntary market
  • Exploring the various types of carbon offsets
  • ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and approved methodologies and issues
  • The place of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) (and GreenPower) and Energy Saving Schemes in Australia, and the carbon impact.

Part 2 – A market focus

  • Regulatory frameworks – Carbon Pricing Mechanisms (Emissions Trading Scheme or tax)
  • Linkages between emissions trading schemes, function and impact on liquidity and dynamics
  • The voluntary market, scope
  • OTC and exchange traded markets for carbon offsets
  • The role of registries
  • Offsets to suit your organisation as a consumer – Climate Active or Sunshine Project
  • Concept of ‘fit’ with organisational goals, price, location, type, methodology, carbon standard
  • Source compliance and voluntary offsets – retiring carbon offsets

What to expect

You can complete the course either face-to-face or online. Face-to-face is 9am to 5pm on two consecutive days and online is 1 session a week for 4 weeks.

Prior to the course, you will recieve some reading material in order to give you some fuel for discussion on your first day.
During the course you will engage in discussions on sourcing, evaluating and purchasing offsets. You will work in groups to complete various exercises from analysing schemes to setting organisational offset criteria, selecting suitable offsets, finding providers, obtaining quotes and performing simulated purchases.

Course cost

Total Course Cost is AUD $950 + GST for online delivery.

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