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Carbon Accounting Course & Training

AUD $950.00 (+ GST)

Learn how to build and manage a carbon inventory Identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions for your organisation in accordance with international accounting standards (GHG Protocol AS/ISO 14064.1-2006).

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This course will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within your organisation.

Over 2 days (if you study face-to-face) or 4 online instructor lead sessions, the course will take you through:

  • The technical background to carbon footprinting
  • Global warming potential and emissions scopes
  • Accounting methodologies
  • Overcoming data collection pitfalls
  • Reporting; voluntary & compliance
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Capturing business benefits from intelligence tools

The hands on applied approach of this course ensures that you will develop the technical knowledge and the business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting. With support and instruction from our industry experienced instructors you will be guided through the workplace strategies for effectively overcoming obstacles and challenges often faced in the workplace.

“The Carbon Accounting/Footprinting course was very informative and I would certainly recommend it to anybody within the environmental or sustainability field.
I found the course very useful and applied it within a week of returning to my current role when preparing information for a client’s corporate sustainability report.”

Patrick Scragg, Environmental reporting Coordinator, Beyond Green

This course is relevant to those who:

  • Have a requirement (responsibility) to measure, monitor and report the greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions for their organisation
  • Are assessing the direct or indirect impact of carbon pricing (tax) on their organisation
  • Using or evaluating carbon accounting software but don’t understand the why, how and so what of its use as a business intelligence tool
  • Are pursuing a reduction in greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions for corporate social responsibility objectives, triple/quadruple bottom line reporting or compliance purposes
Greenhouse and Energy Auditor

Course Program

Face to Face Classroom mode length: 2 Days,
Online mode length: 4 x weekly sessions of 1.5 hours

The Course Covers the Following Content over 4 x Weekly Sessions of 1.5 hours


  • Ecological footprinting v. Carbon footprinting
  • Why footprint – how did we get here?
  • Standards
  • Terminology
  • Baseline and adjustments


  • Boundaries
  • Emissions Legislation & Regulations
  • NGERs*, EEO & Clean Energy Legislation
  • GHG Scopes
  • Introduction to Emissions factors


  • Emissions factors in detail
  • National Accounts Factors
  • Measurement, Data Management & Reporting Tools
  • Sector specific, cross sector, DIY, Commerical


  • Data collection – techniques & practices
  • Capturing and managing data in the workplace
  • Monitoring
  • Uncertainty and Confidence Intervals

*NGERs covered generally, not to auditor level (for NGERs Audit Compliance Training click here)

Students undertaking the course receive:

  • A structured program of delivery that meets strict accredited workforce training standards
  • A learner guide complete with course materials case studies, toolkits & assessment tasks
  • Classroom facilitation from industry experienced instructors
  • Free access to a commercial grade carbon accounting tool for the duration of the course

* Eligibility subject to successfully completing the assessment requirements of the course

Course Pre-requisites: None

This course is currently run on demand. Please send your request to Bill McGhie,, 0408 207 820 or see the calendar here

Course Costs

Total Course Cost is AUD $950 + GST for online delivery.

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