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Course Timetable

Certificate Courses

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Strategic Carbon Management

The Strategic Carbon Management course (previously known as a Certificate IV in Carbon Management) is designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to performance manage carbon emissions in one accessible course.

Operational Carbon Management

Do you want the skills and knowledge to help play an important role in your organisation’s response to the climate challenge? This course will give you the know-how to work with management and Strategic Carbon Management qualified specialists to make a real difference.

Compliance Course

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NGERS Audit Compliance Training

This course is for existing financial auditors who wish to apply to the Clean Energy Regulator to become a registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor (GEA) and who need to demonstrate appropriate evidence of the NGER legislation knowledge requirements.

A three-quarter day Webinar on the NGER legislation covering those sections set out in Part G of the Greenhouse and Energy Auditor Registration Guidelines for Category 1 (non-technical) and Category 2 auditors. The training program covers all of the Parts, Divisions & Schedules set out in Appendix B of the Guidelines.

Short Courses

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Carbon Accounting

Learn how to build and manage a carbon inventory Identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions for your organisation in accordance with international accounting standards (GHG Protocol AS/ISO 14064.1-2006). Introduction This course will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within your organisation.

Carbon Offsets

Learn how to source, evaluate and purchase carbon offsets in this applied nationally accredited course. What is a carbon offset? What is the right offset for your business? What is the difference between a carbon offset priced at $4 and another priced at $25? What’s the difference between a VER offset and a CER offset? All these questions need clear answers.

Opportunities for Cogeneration

Understand the opportunities for utilising cogeneration technology in your workplace and prepare to build the business case to drive initiatives within your organisation This short course is based on 1 of the 12  units which make up the Strategic Carbon Management  course.

Applied Energy Efficiency

Energy costs are on the rise with projected forecasts in the order of 30%-50% over the next 2 years. Implementing energy efficiency measures in your workplace is essential in avoiding the mounting cost pressures that rising energy prices will bring.
This course will help you identify demand and supply efficiency opportunities in your workplace, evaulate the business benefits and develop solutions to improve the way your organisation uses energy.

Reducing Fleet Emissions

Learn how to decrease your fleet fuel consumption Average savings of $43,000 per month on a monthly fuel bill of $500,000 are possible in most fleets Introduction This 2-day (face-to-face) or 4-session (online) course will teach you strategies for reducing your fleet fuel consumption.