CTi Team
Carbon Training International (CTI) is the leading provider of nationally accredited Carbon Management training in Australia.

CTI is a Training Organisation responsible for creating Australia’s first certified and accredited workplace qualifications in Carbon Management. These qualifications are designed to assist enterprise and industry transition to a less carbon – and energy – intensive future.

CTI’s objective is to build a carbon-responsive workforce. To this effect, the team decided the best way to do that was build organisation capacity through the VET system. Staff could learn how to build and implement whole-of-organisation carbon management strategies whilst using real-time data from their workplaces and engaging key staff to help them.

In October 2008, CTI was incorporated and applied to VETAB in NSW for permission to develop a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Carbon Management. The courses were developed during 2009 and pilot courses were conducted in mid-2009 and early 2010. The pilot courses as well as input from an industry panel helped shape the content of the course which for the Certificate III comprises 8 units of competency and for the Certificate IV, 12 units of competency.

Accreditation of the courses was granted by VETAB in May 2010 and delivery of the first course commenced in Melbourne in May 2010.

Since the qualifications were nationally accredited some 450 students have completed or are part-way through the Certificate III and Certificate IV courses and over 100 more students are currently in the process of enrolling for courses commencing in mid-July 2011.