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  • Strategic Carbon Management

    Strategic Carbon Management

    A World-Class Course for Performance Managing Business Greenhouse Gas Emissions “The best course I have ever done.” – Rachel Falconer The Strategic Carbon Management Course (Advanced CM) is a holistic carbon-sector qualification. 
It’s purpose is to give you a clear, comprehensive understanding of the most important concepts of managing an organization’s carbon emissions in one [...]

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  • Carbon Accounting

    Carbon Accounting

    The CTI Carbon Accounting course will enable you to identify and quantify the greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions for organizations in accordance with international accounting standards (GHG Protocol AS/ISO 14064.1-2006). The hands-on applied approach of this course ensures that you develop the technical knowledge and the business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting [...]

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  • Applied Energy Efficiency

    Applied Energy Efficiency

    This course will enable you to understand the various energy efficiency opportunities available, as well as prepare you to build the business case to drive initiatives across an organization that will deliver tangible business benefits. Energy costs are on the rise with projected forecasts in the order of 30%-50% over the next 2 years. Identifying [...]

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  • Carbon Offsets

    Carbon Offsets

    This elective course is designed to support students in the full exploration of the use of carbon offsets as an emission reduction strategy in an organizational context. Offsets are often used as part of a business strategy to achieve low carbon or carbon neutral status. A carbon offset purchasing strategy should be fully considered, assessed [...]

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  • Reducing Fleet Emissions

    Reducing Fleet Emissions

    This course covers a range of opportunities available for reducing fleet emissions including a specific focus on driving options, the differing characteristics of vehicles and the effect that vehicle emissions have both on the environment and human health. This course is specifically designed for drivers and fleet managers interested in learning about the various strategies [...]

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  • Options for Co-generation and Renewable Energy

    Options for Co-generation and Renewable Energy

    This course enables students to identify heat and power co-generation and onsite power generation technologies in the workplace as a viable strategy to avoid the mounting cost pressures of rising energy prices and insecurities of energy supply. Power and heat co-generation offers businesses numerous opportunities to improve operational and financial performance and form a new [...]

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  • Mentoring and Evaluating Response

    Mentoring and Evaluating Response

    In association with other Carbon Management courses, students will now be in the position to effectively orchestrate a whole of organizational strategic plan for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This unit extends the strategic planning and execution process by giving students the necessary skills and tools to be able to review, evaluate, refine [...]

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  • Measuring and categorizing organization-based emissions

    Measuring and categorizing organization-based emissions

    This course covers international classification conventions, based on the Kyoto agreement, for categorizing and describing sources of emissions. This includes unpacking the conceptual understanding around the ‘whole of lifecycle’ of energy and emissions created during the phases of extraction, refining and use of energy resources. Using a basic understanding of chemistry, students will be led [...]

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  • Life Cycle Assessment

    Life Cycle Assessment

    This course enables students to learn how to assess a basic carbon footprint of goods and services and evaluate alternative product configuration and operational sourcing options in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Referred to as cradle to grave or cradle to cradle thinking, a global movement is emerging in manufacturing, design and consumer preference [...]

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  • Introduction to Low Carbon Economics

    Introduction to Low Carbon Economics

    This course is designed to give students an introduction to the key international and national aspects of Low Carbon Economics and can be undertaken as a stand-alone course or as a prerequisite for the comprehensive Carbon Management Certificate. With over one billion people from 39 countries living with a market- based mechanism for the reduction [...]

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  • Creating, Presenting and Implementing a Carbon Management Action Plan

    Creating, Presenting and Implementing a Carbon Management Action Plan

    The key to a good plan is not only in its execution but also its fundamental design. This course gives students an explicit design framework that ensures the rapid deployment and embedding of emission reduction activities at all levels of an organization. A rigorous review of practical strategies and direct actions for the emission reductions [...]

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  • Change Management

    Change Management

    This course covers the theory and practice of change management within the context of organizational response to reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG). The staged and strategic facilitation of changes to process, practice and procedure is critical to the successful transition to low carbon operation. This course is designed to equip change agents and champions with [...]

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  • Analyzing risk and potential

    Analyzing risk and potential

    This course is designed to give students the key structural components to build a business case for carbon response. Critical elements include standard business analytic and planning tools and approaches such as risk analysis and understanding impacts on business activity and function. Students will be led through the process of conducting SWOT analyses with specific [...]

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  • Carbon Management Certificate

    Carbon Management Certificate

    Carbon Training International (CTI) is proud to introduce a full Carbon Management educational program for universities, colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, and other organizations interested in creating new job skills, cutting costs and increasing competitiveness, while managing and reducing greenhouse gases. Working with international experts, California based CTI has developed a number of fully-effective courses [...]

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“The Carbon Accounting/Footprinting course was very informative and I would certainly recommend it to anybody within the environmental or sustainability field. I found the course very useful and applied it within a week of returning to my current role when preparing information for a client’s corporate sustainability report.” PATRICK SCRAGG, ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING COORDINATOR, BEYOND GREEN

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